3M Internship

For this 12 week internship, I worked as a Design Researcher for the Healthcare Business Group in the 3M Design Studio. 

I supported the Industrial Design team and worked on existing projects within the healthcare field. I conducted primary and secondary research including interviews, stimuli creation (e.g. card sorts, co-create activities), workshop design and facilitation, trend research, synthesis, and designing insight frameworks and presentations. I also had the opportunity to do research in other cities for my projects and traveled to Denver and Seattle to perform stakeholder interviews, procedure observations, and office tours.

In addition, I worked on a intern project where I designed the research plan and performed research including interviews, workshop design and facilitation, synthesis, and designing insight presentations. 


Due to the fact that I contributed to projects that are currently in progress and my NDA, I will not be sharing my design artifacts online. Please feel free to reach out to me at rodrilau@gmail.com if you wish to learn more. I am happy to discuss my design strategy and research verbally. 


Design Researcher


12 weeks