How might I design a tool for cancer caregivers that promotes mental health wellbeing?


Release is chatbot and digital community that allows cancer caregivers to express their thoughts and hear stories and encouragement from others.

This project was developed for Google Assistant using Actions on Google and Dialogflow.


3 weeks

My Role

Concept Development, Programming


Release is


Thoughts + Encouragements

The two main functions of Release is the ability to “release” thoughts and to add words of support.


Promoting community

Release’s community forest is the




How I got here?


01 Research

For this 3 week project, I

I had done previous research on cancer caregivers for a previous project, which I used to


02 Concept Development + Programming

While a quick project, I


I used Actions on Google, Dialog flow


03 Future considerations

This project is an exercise in understanding the elements that must be taken into consideration when designing a chatbot and VUI application.

For next steps, since this was a quick project focused on programming a functioning chatbot prototype, I would like to perform user testing of the concept I have developed to see how cancer caregivers react to my concept. In addition, I would like to further develop the conversational framework and flow that would occur between the user and the chatbot agent.